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Cascade Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

MioMed and Cascade work together to bring Chicagoland area and Central Illinois physicians the best in platelet rich plasma therapy.

Cascade Platelet Therapy available through MTF, allows a high concentration of platelets to be injected or surgically implanted in order to introduce growth factors to promote healing.

Benefits of the Cascade system:

  • Seven key growth factor groups10, 11
  • Steady release of autologous Growth Factors
  • 5x concentration over baseline whole blood
  • Fibrin Scaffold for cell migration
  • PRFM accepts multiple sutures and remains intact during delivery (Arthrocsopic)
  • Platelets and growth factors preserved, no exogenous thrombin required
  • Safe and easy to use, minimal patient blood required. Cost effective
  • Minimal red blood cell contamination