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Cold Therapy

Why its prescribed – Whether a simple cold pack or a Coldrush, which is an electrical cooler and wrap, the goal of cold therapy is reducing pain and swelling.

How it works – When using the cold packs, simply freeze and apply to affected area. The Coldrush, on the other hand will need to be plugged in. After following the simple instructions located inside the cooler fill to blue line with water, then fill to yellow line with ice. The bigger the ice cube, the longer it will stay cold, which will generally range from 2-4 hours. The wrap plugs in universally to the tube extending from the cooler, the plastic side is the side which will be placed on the affected area, but not with direct contact to skin. Turn the unit on with the knob in the back of the unit, this knob also controls cold settings of 1-4 (4 being the coldest).

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Continuous Passive Motion

Why its prescribed – The continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is designed to help recover the range of motion in your joint, in a safe, in home setting. During your use, the motion will increase blood flow and break up scar tissue, which are both very beneficial for your recovery. The knee and ankle CPM’s can be used whether sitting or lying down, but as physician prescribed. They can be used on the couch, floor, or a bed, as long as it is a relatively flat and firm surface. The shoulder CPM is an upright chair that will be individually sized for you.

How it works – It is designed to work the joint with a continuous motion to help extend and flex throughout your rehabilitation.

Cti Ligament bracing

Why it’s prescribed – To help prevent further injury of knee ligaments, while providing stabilization during activity. It is specifically designed as one of the strongest braces and hinges on the market for the high impact sports of football, soccer, and motocross.

How it works – The condyle pads will compress the knee while the struts and straps keep the brace in place. This combination will help the knee stay within its normal range of motion.

DVT- Home Care Kit

Why its prescribed – Either your physician has determined that you are at a high risk to develop a blood clot or they are using it as a proactive preventative measure.

How it works – It is a small, portable pump, connected to two cuffs that will be wrapped around your calf. The compression, will mimic your normal ambulation, so it is compressing to provide a continuous blood flow while you are less mobile.

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Innovator DLX+ Immobilizer

Why its prescribed – The brace will provide stabilization while fully adjusting to the range of motion settings prescribed by your doctor.

How it works – The brace will have 4-6 quick buckles that secure the two struts that run on the inside and outside of your leg. Depending on physician prescribed model, it will be a full foam with two foam wraps around the thigh and calf, or a cool foam which simply has foam wraps around each strap. Both models provide the exact same stabilization. There is a hinge on both struts. The settings need to always match. The range of motion is controlled by a blue (extension) and a white (flexion) push tab. Your doctor or technician will advise of the settings to be set. Two options to lock the brace at full immobilization: 1) both tabs can be moved to zero or 2) with the brace at full extension, the yellow drop lock can be pushed down.

Paradigm Ligament Bracing

Why it’s prescribed – To help prevent further injury of knee ligaments, while providing stabilization during activity. It is designed as a lighter weight model for the intermittent athlete such as the jogger, someone that doesn’t have to withstand high impact.

How it works -The condyle pads will compress the knee while the struts and straps keep the brace in place. This combination will help the knee stay within its normal range of motion.

Rebound Cartilage

Why its prescribed – As a postoperative solution to reduce weight bearing on the recently repaired meniscus, it will assist you with increased mobility during your rehabilitation.

How it works – In order to alleviate the unwanted pressure, the brace is designed to pull your knee apart to allow a free gliding motion on the meniscus.

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Rebound Hip

Why its prescribed – Your physician has desired a reduced range of motion of the hip, whether that be your extension or flexion, while also providing stabilization to the joint.

How it works – The range of motion settings will be set by your technician and will not need to be adjusted unless desired by a physician. It is simply applied by aligning the waist wrap at the top of the hip, then wrapped around the body as snug as it feels comfortable. The thigh strap, which provides built in abduction, will wrap behind and around the leg as snug as it feels comfortable.

Smart Sling

Why its prescribed – It is a top-of-the-line sling that is going to be used when a doctor wants to mobilize the position or rotation of your arm.

How it works – The sling is universal for both right and left, as well as fully adjustable with both waist and shoulder Velcro straps. It also has quick buckle releases for easy application and removal. Additional pieces that may be prescribed or added for your comfort are a positioning pillow, an external rotation pillow, and thumb loops.

Unloader Knee Braces

Why its prescribed – Your physician has determined that the condition of your knee is starting to or has been degrading over time. Whether due to general wear and tear, osteoarthritis, or injury. Your physician prescribed this knee brace to decrease pain and increase your mobility.

How it works – This Össur brace is uniquely designed to pull your knee into proper alignment whereas other manufacturers are pushing, which is exerting more force into the knee rather than relieving it. Your brace will be specifically fit to your leg anatomy by your technician.



Why its prescribed – It is a combined cold therapy and DVT prevention treatment all in one, so as well as reducing pain and swelling, you will be receiving treatment to prevent blood clots.

How it works – The machine will be pre-programmed so all you have to do is apply the cold wrap, the DVT calf wraps, and turn on. Power switch is located on the back of the machine, next to where the power cord inserts. If you are wanting to use for cold therapy only, on the front right side of the control panel will be two buttons listing calf and foot. Hold calf down for approximately 1 second and it will cycle through left, right, bilateral, and off. On your next use of the unit, it will reset to its original settings to run both cold and DVT therapies.