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Cold Therapy

Why its prescribed – Whether a simple cold pack or a Coldrush, which is an electrical cooler and wrap, the goal of cold therapy is reducing pain and swelling.

How it works – When using the cold packs, simply freeze and apply to affected area. The Coldrush, on the other hand will need to be plugged in. After following the simple instructions located inside the cooler fill to blue line with water, then fill to yellow line with ice. The bigger the ice cube, the longer it will stay cold, which will generally range from 2-4 hours. The wrap plugs in universally to the tube extending from the cooler, the plastic side is the side which will be placed on the affected area, but not with direct contact to skin. Turn the unit on with the knob in the back of the unit, this knob also controls cold settings of 1-4 (4 being the coldest).

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