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Innovator DLX+ Immobilizer

Why its prescribed – The brace will provide stabilization while fully adjusting to the range of motion settings prescribed by your doctor.

How it works – The brace will have 4-6 quick buckles that secure the two struts that run on the inside and outside of your leg. Depending on physician prescribed model, it will be a full foam with two foam wraps around the thigh and calf, or a cool foam which simply has foam wraps around each strap. Both models provide the exact same stabilization. There is a hinge on both struts. The settings need to always match. The range of motion is controlled by a blue (extension) and a white (flexion) push tab. Your doctor or technician will advise of the settings to be set. Two options to lock the brace at full immobilization: 1) both tabs can be moved to zero or 2) with the brace at full extension, the yellow drop lock can be pushed down.