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Referral Service – Chicagoland DME Provider

Miomed takes the administrative work out of the hands of the medical office staff and provides products/services  for pre, post, and non-operative stages of the patient care continuum. Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) work with physicians’ offices and insurance carriers to ensure that patient’s health needs are met and that each patient has the highest satisfaction with their product or service that Miomed provides.


A typical timeline is:

  1. Miomed’s office receives a referral for a patient from physician’s office.
  2. PCC contacts patient’s insurance to obtain benefit/eligibility information as well as process any prior authorization required for the product(s).
  3. PCC contacts patient to discuss their insurance coverage, estimated bill, and any out-of-pocket costs that might apply.
  4. Once patient accepts to receive the product, a Miomed’s Service Technician is scheduled to visit the patient to deliver, teach, and/or fit the product according to the physician’s orders.
  5. Upon receiving documentation of delivery, claim is sent to our billing department processing with insurance and the patient.

What can we provide?

Miomed provides a wide range of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in the Chicagoland area including but not limited to Continuous Passive Motion machines (CPM), Deep Vein Thrombosis units (DVT), and functional braces. We carry the latest Ossur, DonJoy, and Chattanooga products to name a few. Miomed offers osteoarthritis, injury, and compression therapy solutions for our Chicagoland and Illinois customers.

Why MioMed?

MioMed provides local patient services in the Chicago, as well as serve patients and clinicians throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. As your local DME provider we strive for service and excellence in our patient care services.  We are accredited with the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) and comply strictly to HIPAA rules and regulations.

Miomed Orthopaedics values transparency and is committed to assist patients in any stage of the referral process whether that might be answering questions regarding the product or processing an appeal with insurance.

Ready to order/prescribe product?

Contact our Patient Care Coordinators at 773-477-8991 (M-F 9am-5pm) for a Prescription of Medical Necessity or to discuss your coverage options.